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Continuous Length Extension Springs from Lee Spring Aid Prototyping

Correctly determining extension spring length and other parameters can be somewhat of an art in the development of new or revised products – a process which Lee Spring has made significantly easier by offering stock continuous length extension springs which may be trimmed and formed to the desired length and end fitment style.

By being easily cut to length and manipulated for trial purposes, factors such as various sizes, rates and end fixings can be experimented with quickly and easily. This not only speeds the path to production or urgent repair, but also saves valuable time and cost.

Stock lengths of 12", 24" and 36" are available in music wire or stainless steel and in a range of coil and wire diameters to provide the required load rating.

Once cut to length the end coils can readily be reformed into loops or hooks using suitable pliers. For larger wire sizes a vise and pry bar can be used with a mandrel and other forming tools if necessary.

For other development or urgent repair purposes, Lee Spring offers pre-packaged selection kits of extension springs with a variety of commonly used specifications.

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