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Stock Spring Tolerances and Engineering Notes

Imperial/Metric Conversions


To Convert Newtons to Kilogrammes Pounds
Multiply by 0.102 0.22487
To Convert Kilogrammes to Newtons Pounds
Multiply by 9.807 2.2046
To Convert Pounds to Newtons Kilogrammes
Multiply by 4.448 0.4536


To Convert kg/mm to lb/in N/mm
Multiply by 55.998 9.807
To Convert lb/in to kg/mm N/mm
Multiply by 0.017858 0.175133
To Convert N/mm to kg/mm lb/in
Multiply by 0.101968 5.7099


To Convert Inches to Meters Feet Millimetres
Multiply by 0.0254 0.08333 25.4
To Convert Millimetres to Meters Feet Inches
Multiply by 0.001 0.003281 0.0393701

Stock Compression Spring and Extension Spring Engineering Notes and Tolerances

General Notes

Direction of Wind

Left or Right at Lee Spring’s Discretion

Compression Spring Ends

  • Squared and ground (squareness within 3°:Standard Springs (LC, LCM), Heavy Duty Springs (LHC)
  • Squared, Not Ground: Bantam Mini Compression Springs (CB), Instrument Springs (CI, CIM), Lite Pressure Springs (LP)

Extension Spring Ends

  • Full diameter at random position, except those LEM suffix products designed to meet DIN 2097 Standards
  • Loop openings are approximately one wire diameter.

Stock Compression Spring and Extension Spring Tolerances

Compression and Extension Outside Diameter (OD) Tolerances


.025" to .039” ± .002”
.040” to .118” ± .003”
.120" to .250” +.003” / –.005”
.251” to .299” ± .005”
.300” to .500” ± .008”
.501” to .850” ± .015”
.851” to 1.125” ± .020”
1.126” to 1.218” ± .025”
1.250” to 1.460” ± .030”
1.480” to 1.687” ± .040”


0.64mm to 0.99mm ± .05mm
1.02mm to 3.00mm ± .08mm
3.05mm to 6.10mm +.08mm / –.13mm
6.38mm to 7.59mm ± .13mm
7.62mm to 12.70mm ± .20mm
12.73mm to 21.59mm ± .38mm
21.62mm to 28.58mm ± .51mm
28.60mm to 30.94mm ± .64mm
31.75mm to 37.08mm ± .76mm
37.59mm to 42.85mm ± 1.02mm

Spring Rate Tolerance: ± 10%; Solid Height Tolerance : + 5%, no lower limit

Stock Torsion Engineering Notes and Tolerances

General Notes

  1. Lengths of legs are shown as "A" in sketches below.

  2. Please note: "R" (radius in inches) where force is applied is always 1/2 of "A" (Length of Leg). Dotted lines of legs show loaded position where values of "T" (Torque) will be achieved at "R" (Radius).

  3. To translate torque values to direct load: Use Formula - P = T/R P = Load applied at Radius (R) T = Torque Example: Part LTL 012A 01, what is the load where R = .187? Using P = T/R = .050/.187 = .267lbs.

  4. To calculate torque values other than those listed (Position of Ends), a direct proportion may be used. Example: Part LTL 012 A 01. Torque shown in catalogue listing is .050 in-lbs. for 90° deflection; therefore, torque for 45° would be .025 in-lbs.

  5. Inspection of Load - Loads should always be checked at the Radius ("R" value)

  6. Mandrel Size: Generally, torsion springs are used over a mandrel (shaft or arbor). The column "Suggested Mandrel Size, Inches", allows approximately a 10% clearance for the various deflections shown in examples below. If you require greater deflections, we suggest a suitable reduction in the mandrel size.

  7. Direction of Wind: Good design dictates that torsion springs should be used in the direction that winds the coil. When ordering be sure to choose either LTL (Left Hand Wound) or LTR (Right Hand Wound) for required application.


Stock Torsion Spring Tolerances

Torque: ± 10%
Tolerances on Free Position:
From 3 to 10 total coils (Incl.) ± 10°
From 11 to 20 total coils (Incl.) ± 15°


.093” to .125” ± .004”
.126” to .200” ± .005”
.201” to .300” ± .007”
.301” to .410” ± .010”
.411” to .500” ± .013”
.501” to .700” ± .015”
.701” to .875” ± .020”
.876” to 1.125” ± .025”
1.126” to 1.218” ± .030”
1.219” to 1.250” ± .035”


2.36mm to 3.17mm ± .10mm
3.18mm to 5.08mm ± .13mm
5.09mm to 7.62mm ± .18mm
7.63mm to 10.41mm ± .26mm
10.42mm to 12.70mm ± .33mm
12.71mm to 17.78mm ± .38mm
17.79mm to 22.23mm ± .51mm
22.24mm to 28.58mm ± .64mm
28.59mm to 30.94mm ± .76mm
30.95mm to 31.75mm ± .89mm

Stock REDUX Wave Spring Engineering Notes and Tolerances

General Notes

  1. Stock REDUX Wave Springs are made of material 17-7PH Stainless Steel

  2. Maximum operating temperature is 650 degrees F

  3. Nominal Load is the approximate force at the Working Height. Be advised springs may take a set if compressed below the Working Height.

  4. The Number of Turns comprises a continuous coil; there is no welding or adhesive between waves.

  5. Ends turns are regular & wavy. Flat & shim ends can be offered in a special order.

Stock REDUX Wave Spring Tolerances

Rate: ± 25%

The Outside Diameter and Inside Diameter are reference only. REDUX Wave Springs are manufactured to operate with the specified mating Hole Diameter and Rod Diameter.

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